Guru of Dance

Latin Solo Beginner 1 Course (Danzarina 1) (August 2022 – February 2023)

This is a lesson recording for enrolled studio members only.

In this course, we will learn the foundation to 6 different Latin Solo styles:

  • Chacha Solo
  • Salsa Solo
  • Rumba Solo
  • Jive Solo
  • Bachata Solo
  • Samba Solo

We will learn beginner figures as well as a beginner routine to each style that can be danced to any Latin song!

In this course, we started with THREE class slots to accommodate everyone who wanted to learn, and it was done on a monthly basis. As classes progressed, it was reduced to two slots only, and then converted into a course.

This set of lesson recordings include ALL the multiple class slots, hence the labels of A, B, and C to differentiate the different slots that were conducted on the same day. Each slot learns the same thing for each lesson, so you only need to watch ONE slot for each lesson.

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