Guru of Dance

Latin Solo Beginner 2 Course (Danzarina 2) (March – August 2023)

In this course, we revise our Latin Solo Beginner 1 moves, learn Beginner 2 figures, and Latin techniques to make our dancing more graceful! We also learnt complete routines that we can dance to any Latin song.

We learn Latin Solo Beginner 2 figures and routines for:

  • Chacha Solo
  • Rumba Solo
  • Salsa Solo
  • Bachata Solo
  • Samba Solo
  • Jive Solo

This course was a continuation from Beginner 1, where most students progressed from the 2022 intake to this 2023 cohort. To accommodate everyone in the studio, we split the class into two slots on the same day, labeled A and B.

This set of lesson recordings include ALL the multiple class slots. Each slot learns the same thing for each lesson, so you only need to watch ONE slot for each lesson.

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